Someone asked me how I go about finding good people, and determining whether or not they have good news to share. When I set out to Find the Good News I honestly just open a door, make an invitation, and give a person a safe and honest space to share what’s in their heart and mind, to share their story. It’s not hard to find the good in a person when those elements are in place. Sometimes, even if those elements aren’t in place you meet people that just give off a good vibe, that has an infectious joy and energy, and you want to see what they’ve got going on in their life. Local artist and art teacher Meagan Green was one of those people. Another Good Newsy recommended I get in touch with Meagan for the show, and they were spot on. I got a good sense about Meagan as soon as she showed up at the studio. For two people who didn’t know each other, we ended up sharing a lot of common territories, both spiritually and creatively. For me, as a confirmed Catholic, and the father of a gay son, her lecture titled “Opening a Dialogue for Queer Catholicism through Visual Art” spoke directly to me. We wandered into territory about our shared faith in this episode, and It’s my hope that what we share will open minds and soften hearts. Meagan is fun and funny, and I could tell that the creative spark in working in her. Her paintings and art installations are thought provoking, filled with meaning, and executed with the control of an artist well beyond her years. Beyond that, Meagan has been called to serve the next generation of artists as a teacher in Southwest Louisiana, pushing her students to explore new creative mediums, and exposing them to modern masters that are breaking through conventional artistic boundaries. So, how do I go about finding good people for this show? I just have to look. I have to listen. I’ll keep doing both, because when I do I rise up above the fuzzy and messy noise of sensationalism, and see people like Meagan Green there in plain sight, right here in my community, embedded in my faith,  ascending above the prejudices of the world, and sharing the good news of her life and talents with others.




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