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Ep. 87 - The Slippage Ft. Heather Regan White - Find the Good News with Brother Oran

June 4, 2020

Ep. 87 - The Slippage - Ft. Heather Regan White, Journalist with the Southwest Daily News


We live in strange times, made stranger and more disorienting by a steady stream of conflicting news and information signals from sunrise to sunset. Sifting through these competing signals and processing them to find relevant bits that add value to your life can be an exhausting grind with the potential to wear down a mind’s ability to discern truth from fiction.

Many are able to recall a time before the excessive pings-and-dings, reminders, alerts, and the ever-present “breaking news” ticker tape. In truth, my sheer exhaustion with this perpetual flow played a large role in the creation of “Find the Good News” podcast. I suppose we all have my general sense of being fed up for that.

Still, among the overlapping signals, there are those clear voices that curate and create content that is trustworthy. These are transmissions that I desperately crave, untainted and unbiased by politics, devoted to sharing plain information that can be made useful immediately without clawing through disorienting layers of spin and fog.

In this episode of “Find the Good News” I get to share my conversation with one such voice that I have come to appreciate. Enter my conversation with Heather Regan White, a journalist in my hometown of Sulphur, Louisiana.

Heather has been reporting, writing, and sharing for 25 years, and in that time she has become a clear and resonant sound of awareness in our community. As much as I appreciate her good work in our local paper, “The Southwest Daily News,” I have grown just as fond of her even and balanced presence on social media. In a community congested with competing “information station” groups and pages that have more in common with daytime talk-and-fight shows than they do with journalistic integrity, it is refreshing to know that a clear signal like Heather’s is readily available.

In my mind, Heather is an ally in the mission to cut through the noisy world of spin, and it was an absolute pleasure for me to have this candid visit with her.

Next time you get online or pick up a paper to see what’s going on in the world, you would be doing yourself a favor to look for a byline by Heather Regan White. You’ll be guaranteed to get the truth delivered by a dedicated journalist, and from time-to-time, there might be a well-balanced and educated opinion to go along with it.

Now, it’s time to make space in your heart for the common good, clear a corner for some good old-fashioned, hometown truth, then press play on a little good news.










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