The lovely thing about Find the Good News is seeing one guest lead directly to next. Each visit I get to catch a special glimmer in the eyes of the person across from me, and I know that means they’ve had that “aha” moment—they want to tell me about someone good in their life. That’s exactly how I came to connect with conceptual photographer Heather Arsement, through that golden thread that links one guest to the other. I like the magical idea of this unseen thread, and it’s especially relevant in this conversation with Heather as she has an affinity and eye for the fantastical herself. Heather looks around the Southwest Louisiana landscape, and where we may just see a door, a tree, a rock, an empty lot—things that we blow by quickly, things to be barely considered—she sees the raw goods that, used in careful and creative combination, will come together to reveal a new reality. In this visit, for just a bit, I get to put on Heather’s glasses. When you get to know someone, really spend a little time with them and ask essential questions, you can almost get a glimpse of the way they see things. You get to see all of the parts, the little thoughts, experiences, joys, worries, and struggles. You hear the moments in their history that, on the surface, may seem insignificant, but when placed together in concert makes a more interesting individual. In that way, I’d say Heather is a lot like her works. Her interests and the details of her life have a direct impact on the fine art that she produces. We had a lot in common, especially in the pop-culture and entertainment arena, which just further illustrates how the ingredients of a life can blossom in entirely different directions to create unique people and works. I had a lot of fun talking to Heather. She is comfortable, friendly, kind, and so forthcoming about how her works are made. She reminded me that there is a world of wonder all around us, and sometimes it’s just waiting to be revealed in the most ordinary places and things. If we could each see the world as Heather Arsement sees it for a little moment each day, that could be all it takes to turn a bad day good and make a good day even brighter.




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