Ep. 20 - The Umbrella Spoke Ft. Thom Trahan - Find the Good News with Oran Parker

What happens when the right person is placed in the right position to do the right job at the right time in history? For me, there’s no guesswork involved in answering that question. I don’t have to wonder about it. I only have to look right here in my hometown of Sulphur, Louisiana to see what that looks like, to see history unfolding. In fact, I only have to look a few minutes down the road to a little office at the Brimstone Museum to Find the Good News. That’s where my dear friend Thom Trahan has been passionately creating and curating for over a decade. There is an enthusiasm, cheer, and general feeling of happiness around Thom. Those were the first things I noticed when I met him at the Henning Cultural Center almost 10 years ago. As the Executive Director of the Brimstone Historical Society, Thom has eagerly worked with local volunteers to see the Cultural Center and Brimstone Museum grow from a couple of historic buildings to a complex that offers annual art galleries, workshops, cultural events, and festivals, as well as permanent historic displays. Thom is as humble a man as you will meet, and he is quick to shy away from personal accolades. I feel that it is very important to him that any accomplishment in our community be seen as a group effort because he knows that the spirit of togetherness is how change takes root in a place and becomes lasting. Thom has a long view of history, and he knows that everything he accomplishes today is one link in a chain of events. He understands that we each have to take our little place in the history. That’s why he finds great value in just being kind and leaving his little corner of the world better than he found it. He’s found his place in history, and I think that’s how history will remember him. I’m happy to know Thom, and I feel honored to call him my good friend. 



FOR MORE INFO ON THOM TRAHAN >> www.facebook.com/thomtrahan or www.brimstonemuseum.org 


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