What is good news? I’ve asked that question a lot since I started this show. What I’ve discovered is that good news wears an infinite number of masks, and on this episode of Find the Good News I learn that one of its secret identities is Danny Allain. There was something different about this strange visitor from another city, with artistic abilities far beyond those of mortal men. What was so different about this conversation with Danny? What was his good news? Listen for just a bit and I think you’ll soon learn what I did, and it’s that Danny is a fast friend. I have some shared history with him, so we skip much of warm-up found with previous good newsies. We dive right into the common ground we share. Danny is a wildly artistic talent, and we definitely work through the sketches, inks, and colors of his life, but it’s the places in between that really made our conversation a lot of fun. He even wore pants to the show, and he didn’t charge me his mandatory pants fee. I felt pretty special. So, what’s the good news in this episode? The news is that people like Danny Allain are in the world, and you can meet them, even buy their art, or just hang out with them, learn something from them, or not. You’ll laugh. You’ll smile. You might even wonder what the heck is wrong with us, and that’s okay, because I think you’ll feel a little brighter after laughing and smiling with us.



FOR MORE INFO ON DANNY ALLAIN >> www.etsy.com/market/danny_allain or www.instagram.com/dannyallainart 


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