Buti Yoga. This was something I’d never heard of, nor seen before, but when I did, four words came to mind; refreshing, energy, joy, and freedom. This was something I really felt Find the Good News listeners would enjoy. After visiting with Elizabeth McDaniel—the founder and teacher at Buti Yoga in Lake Charles, Louisiana—I can easily use the same four words to describe her. Like most people, there was so much more to discover about Elizabeth than what I knew before she came to the Good News studio, and Buti Yoga was just the start. She shares the experiences that shaped her life and the pivots she made when shifts occurred. Beyond Buti Yoga, Elizabeth reveals the new ways she’s working to help people find balance and bring harmony to all facets of their lives through her ontology training. The energy and joy she brought to the table were very refreshing, and I believe that her efforts are helping people break new ground and find new freedoms in their lives. If that’s what you’re looking for—refreshment, energy, joy, and freedom—then meeting Elizabeth is a good place to start.



FOR MORE INFO ON ELIZABETH MCDANIEL >> www.facebook.com/butiwithelizabeth or www.instagram.com/elizabethmarie.yogi 

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