Have you ever had a conversation where you were almost 100% true to who you really are? I recently had one on Find the Good News with Rosie Pryor, otherwise known by her blogging handle, Stone Sober Mom. Rosie embodies precisely what I feel we need more of in this world; beings who are willing to show their inner wounds on the outside. Through her site, and in this visit, she candidly reveals the details of her past substance abuse, alcohol addiction, eating disorder struggles, as well as the trips and traps associated with body image and worthiness. By being so fearlessly revealing she creates an environment of acceptance in her presence. Because she has suffered—and is willing to share that suffering with others—she forms a space of safety and healing. Rosie and I go exploring in this conversation; not to exciting destinations or foreign land, but into the thorny pathways, caves, and hidey-holes of the inner-self. For me, a few walls came tumbling down after our conversation. I felt a keen awareness of the false-self many times as we talked, and quickly shut that voice down. I woke up the day after our visit with a slightly better sense of who I am, some inner housekeeping I still need to do, and the sneaking feeling that I’d been sitting at that table with one of the bodhisattvas of compassion. Not only did Rosie show me the good in her; she helped me look at myself in the mirror, and for the first time in a very long time, I saw a good man looking back.



FOR MORE INFO ON ROSIE PRYOR >> www.StoneSoberMom.com


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